While these comments differ from the ones made in his actual speech, they still make my point evident.

Ben Carson’s comments are particularly interesting in that they rouse a set of ideas that we hold quite closely. His comments push our thoughts towards the idea that slavery was immigrants traveling and searching for opportunity. This isn’t to confirm or deny what he has said, but only to entertain the thought. If immigrants were a part of the uprooting, I do believe that the conversation regarding slavery in the United States would be framed a bit differently and perhaps be more inclusive of incidents that have happened around the world. More specifically, those that occurred because of Japanese action before and during World War II. Korean workers, among others, were enticed with opportunity and promised such, but were forced to work for companies such as Mitsubishi (who have only just begun apologizing).

While some of these incidents have already received a verdict, those involved and actively doing research will tell you that justice has not been brought to a clear majority of survivors (provided they are still living) or their families. These pursuits are alive and well, but they are less organized than larger efforts like Black Lives Matter. This isn’t to belittle BLM, but more so to beg the question of, are we focusing too much on our incident of slavery and forced labor and not enough on incidents around the world?

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