Not to sound negative nor to add to the resounding echo of those lamenting about the year 2016, but it could have been better. Amidst the untimely deaths of those we thought we held near and unanticipated election results, I was experiencing my own shift in life.

For me, this year has been highlighted by new experiences in areas that I would rather have gained no experience. I learned to “adult” (still learning), operate better under intense pressure, and experienced (experiencing) financial strife like I never have before. The drive behind these learnings was not one of desire, but of necessity. Many important people in my life drifted away and left me where I wanted to stay while they went where they needed to go. My friends and family moved away to pursue their needs. These absences left me feeling depressed and unmotivated to continue what I had started. However, this is not an option as I have no other option but to move forward – moving backward means detriment. Despite this melancholy note, a note that means progress but is met with hesitance, I am hopeful for 2017.

2017 carries with it the lesser known fruits of 2016 – fruits attained through hours upon hours of studying, research, and networking. My current goals are centered around being in Japan before 2020 to get my feet wet in their entrepreneurial scene. I would like to be there before 2020 as the next Olympics are being held in Tokyo and I feel as though I would be cheating myself out of an opportunity if I wasn’t there. This is a time where everybody is gathering and the country has the potential to experience an immense cultural shift. My area of interest and study will be fueled greatly by such an event. This year has equipped me with greater linguistic abilities, more expansive knowledge of Japan’s neighboring countries, and opportunities in the region.

2017 will be the year to build upon these talents, gain new ones, and meet new people. 2017 will be a great year of experimentation in terms of life and business. I intend on continuing to sling ramen at Tori Ramen in order to improve my cooking skills as well as continue my research and study and of Eastern occurrences. Busy Bee also has several plans in the pipeline with which we intend on rousing the neighborly ideal within our communities.




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